Telluride 2009 by Matt Rollins

Telluride 2008 by Justin Tabor


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Don't let these guys work on your car... it will never run right again!!!

The Story of Jack Schitt >>>

March 3, 2002 -- Bad Server! Bad Bad Server!

Sorry everyone, my server has just been really bad lately and that is why the website has been down. Actually replace bad with lazy and server with Jeff. Mike finally told me to get my butt in gear and get the site backup because of all the complaints. So now you have it is back in full force. Even better, after March 15th it should be faster since we will be getting faster DSL service. Now we are cooking with Gasoline baby!

Jeff's New Zealand & Australia Holiday

"Every true Kiwi owns a good pair of Velcro gloves."
--New Zealand Bus Driver

There are more sheep in New Zealand then there are people. This place makes me think of Colorado only on steriods moved a little to the west so the mountains stretch out to the sea. The rain forests are just that, rainy. Milford Sound is a fjord which has been called the 8th wonder of the world. The mountains force so much rain out of the clouds they measure rainfall in meters. It rains about 9.5 meters a year in Milford Sound keeping a 5 meter deep layer of fresh water on top of the sea water. This country is amazing, however, there is not a very strong computer industry. Basically it is just not a very nerd friendly country.

Pictures from New Zealand and Australia >>>


John West Bear Fight Commercial

Check this fight between a guy and a bear over a salmon. John West Bear Fight.